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Ross County – High-Speed Chase Ends with OVI Arrest


Ross County – A woman was arrested after a high-speed chase of over 100 mph in Ross County overnight

According to the Ross County sheriff’s office, they were conducting speed enforcement on US-23 in the area of Trego Creek road when a vehicle traveling northbound on US23 at a high rate of speed went by. Speeds were checked by radar at 98 mph and an attempt to stop was started. According to the report, the vehicle even though lights and sirens were enabled did not show signs of stopping.

The vehicle then took the Three Locks road exit ramp in an attempt to elude law enforcement, then ran the stop sign at South Bridge Street and turned left on South Court, the vehicle described as a Ford Escape then accelerated to speeds over 100 mph. Around the area of Southern Ave by the railroad tracks the vehicle started to fishtail almost losing control. The vehicle shortly afterward pulled over to a stop at the area of Southern Ave on Bridge.

In the report, the officer then held the driver at gunpoint and gave verbal commands to exit the vehicle. The deputy reported that the driver put both hands out of the vehicle but did not comply to all commands. After the threat of K9 use the driver identified as Olivia Barker was arrested. During interactions with Barker, deputies detected a strong smell of alcohol and asked Oliva to do a breathalyzer test. During this interaction, the Deputy said that he had to go 120 mph to catch up with her, and she disagreed saying she was only going 105 mph.

During the search of her vehicle a bottle of opened and drank fireball was found and seized as evidence.

OSP performed a Breathalyzer test and she blew a .213, Ohio limits are below .08.

Barker was charged with speeding, marked lanes, reckless operation, failure to stop at a stop sign, turn signal, failure to comply, resisting arrest, open container, and operating under the influence of alcohol she was taken to Ross County jail.