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Ross County Deputy Stops Potential Crash in Pickaway County on Way to Work


PICKAWAY COUNTY – Sometimes you hear in some professions you are never clocked out of your work, well that is certainly true for this Sgt. from Ross County on Saturday afternoon.

On 4/29/23 around 4 pm Ross County Sgt. Champion was heading southbound on US-23 in Pickaway County on his way to work, he was driving in a marked cruiser and dressed in uniform for the day but he wasn’t at work yet. But a driver started to flag him and started pointing at the vehicle in front of her as a driver that was operating unsafely. The Sgt without hesitation jumped into action and started to follow a black Nissan. He then witnessed in his report that the man crossed lines several times, and straddled both lanes for an extended amount of time. The Sgt then notified dispatch to contact Pickaway County. Who asked him to make the stop and wait for Pickaway County Sheriff’s Deputies to get there.

During the stop, the Sgt found that the elderly man was having some issues driving and was not under the influence of any sort of drugs or alcohol, but due to his unsafe behavior behind the wheel, family members were contacted during the stop and came to the scene to help the elderly man home and pick up his vehicle.

The Sgt then continued to work, hopefully, he wasn’t late.