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Ross County Crews and Dispatchers Recognized for Saving the Life of a Child


Ross County, OH – Today, the crews from the Ross County Sheriff’s Office and local dispatchers were honored for their heroic efforts in saving a child’s life during a pediatric cardiac arrest incident on May 12, 2024. This life-saving effort was part of a mutual aid run with a neighboring department.

Cardiac arrests require immediate and coordinated action, and the quick response from a well-prepared paramedic crew and alert dispatchers made all the difference. Working together seamlessly, they managed to save a young life under intense pressure.

Pediatric emergencies are among the most challenging situations that firefighters and paramedics face. The stakes are incredibly high, and the emotional toll can be significant. During this particular incident, Captain Ian Hardin and Firefighter Austin Depugh exemplified exceptional skill and determination, successfully resuscitating the pediatric patient against daunting odds.

The dedication and professionalism displayed by the Ross County crews every day is commendable. Their commitment to providing the highest level of service to the community is unwavering. The actions taken on May 12 serve as a testament to their training, teamwork, and dedication to saving lives.

These photos and information have been shared with the permission of the patient’s family, highlighting the personal connection and trust built between first responders and the community they serve. Regardless of jurisdictional boundaries, the Ross County crews are dedicated to making a difference whenever and wherever they are needed.

Additionally, Adena Health was a critical partner in ensuring the patient’s continuum of care once the emergency responders transported the child to their facility. Their role was vital, and they will also receive recognition for their contributions.

This recognition underscores the importance of preparedness, swift action, and inter-agency collaboration in emergency medical services. The Ross County Sheriff’s Office, along with their dispatchers and medical partners, exemplifies what it means to serve and protect the community with distinction.