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Local Woman Seeks Justice After Alleged Sexual Assault in Circleville


Circleville, OH – A local woman is expressing frustration and distress over the lack of immediate arrest of a man who allegedly sexually assaulted her.

The incident involved a home health aide, whose name has been withheld for privacy. She reports being sexually assaulted while working in a private residence, caring for an elderly female client. According to her account, the aide was folding laundry in the client’s bedroom when George Schneider, a man present in the home, approached her from his office. She alleges that Schneider put his hand down her shirt and into her bra, groping her. Despite her efforts to remove his hand, he persisted and placed his hand back in her shirt. When she attempted to leave, Schneider allegedly held her back, demanded to see her without her top, and raised his voice when she refused.

Following the incident, the aide promptly left the residence and contacted the Circleville Police Department.

Police subsequently interviewed Schneider and, on May 28, 2024, he was charged with sexual imposition. His arraignment is scheduled for June 11, 2024.

Despite the charges, the woman remains unsettled by the fact that Schneider has not been arrested. She was informed by police that due to Schneider’s advanced age, they opted not to take him into custody. She is now seeking a restraining order to ensure her safety.

The case highlights ongoing concerns about how allegations of sexual misconduct are handled, particularly when involving elderly suspects. The aide continues to advocate for her own justice and safety measures.