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Ross County – Adena Road Now Open


Ross – Adena road is now open after months of being closed due to repairs

An emergency repair of the Adena Road bridge over U.S. 35 began May 2. The overpass was closed March 29 following discovery that the bridge had been hit in an unreported incident resulting in severe damage to one of the bridge beams.

Adena Road has reopened as of August 17 following substantial completion of an emergency project to repair damage to the bridge structure following a strike by an over-height vehicle earlier this year. The bridge has been closed to traffic since March. Repairs began in July and welding of the new beam sections was completed earlier this week, which have allowed the road to be reopened to traffic.

U.S. 35 westbound remains reduced to one lane, and the on-ramp from S.R. 104 to U.S. 35 West remains closed while crews work to finish the project.