Home News Rockmill Tavern Reopens after Pandemic Closure with Pizza and Beer Concept

Rockmill Tavern Reopens after Pandemic Closure with Pizza and Beer Concept


COLUMBUS, OHIO – After four months of closure, Rockmill Tavern reopened its doors Thursday, Sept. 30 under a new name — “Bandit: Pizzas and Pairings by Rockmill.”

Bandit is serving artisan pizzas that challenge the traditional Friday night slice. Each pie is paired expertly with our favorite wine and beer, and all of it is currently available for takeout. 

“Pairing food with beer and wine has always been a passion of Rockmill, and the pairings we have selected for our pizza menu are dynamic and delectable,” said Matthew Barbee, owner of Bandit and Rockmill Brewery. “We are thrilled to be able to reopen our doors and feel we can add a lot of value to our neighborhood through carryout and delivery service.”

Rockmill Tavern, 503 S. Front St., originally opened in 2016 to extend the Rockmill Brewery brand from Lancaster’s countryside to Columbus’s vibrant Brewery District. 

The Bandit concept embraces the Rockmill Brewery as a significant piece of little-known local history. In 1799, a tavern and whiskey distillery was built down the road from one of the state’s earliest grist mills. The area became infamous as a place lone horseriders should avoid or risk being robbed … or worse. Locals eventually ran the owners out of town, but the stories were passed down.

“We hope people have fun with it and enjoy the legends tied to Rockmill,” Barbee said. “It’s playful and adventurous, much like our pizzas.”

The dining room will remain closed while the interior Bandit takeover is underway. However, customers are invited to stop by for a happy hour drink while they wait for their pizza to see the transformation progress.

“Our team has been amazing through this tough time of transition and are excited to reconnect with our friends in the community,” Barbee said. “It’s good to be back.”