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A rare Friday the 13th Full Harvest Moon


Photo credit: Catalin M. Timosca of Turda, Romania.

A rare sighting of the Harvest Moon will be happening this coming week on Friday, September 13th. A Harvest Moon is when a full moon occurs closest to the autumnal equinox, also known as the first day of Fall season.

“The combination of Friday the 13th and a Harvest Moon occures on average every 20 years.  This years Harvest Moon is a once-in-a-30-year occurence, so the next chance to see one in the U.S. will be August 13, 2049” says Joe Rao, Farmers’ Almanac contributing astronomer.

What better way to get in a spooky mood than getting a Harvest Moon on Friday the 13th?

The Central, Mountain and Pacific time zones will be able to witness this unique full moon once the sun sets. Unfortunately the East coast will have to wait until just after midnight at 12:33am on Saturday the 14th.

Even though it may not seem as thrilling for us to not witness it on the 13th, you’ll still be able to witness the Harvest Moon which has the potential of also being a Supermoon or a Micromoon. The Harvest Moon nearly coincides with apogee, which is the point in which its orbit is at its greatest distance from the Earth: 252,100 miles away. Dont be surprised if the moon appears to be smaller or bigger than normal because there is a real chance of either happening.