Downtown Circleville is getting dressed up for Pumpkin Show and the artwork is being showcased on the windows of downtown businesses.  Pumpkin Show in Circleville is a large boon for local downtown business as the show brings hundreds of thousands of people to the downtown area. Excalibur Outdoors is getting ready for the event as it, “brings people in that normally wouldn’t come in”, said Chris Dyke of Excalibur Outdoors.

Dyke said, “I’ve always enjoyed art, I’ve always drawn and painted on things, painting for Pumpkin Show every year, I didn’t even know there was a contest until this year.  I just did it because I enjoy it and it makes downtown during Pumpkin Show better.” Dyke is entering officially this year,he has the paperwork ready. “When I was a child my mom bought me clay and I built a whole city – buildings, cars, everything, I’ve always done some sort of art.”

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Dyke commented, “I like to put quality and craftsmanship into whatever I do, from art to building guns. I enjoy it and it calms me and makes me happy. I think Elmer Fudd fits the gun store pretty well, plus its seasonal with hunting sports starting soon. I thought about doing Marvin the Martian, but we do not sell ray guns. We sell shotguns so Elmer was more suitable.”

Last year, window judging took place on the 2nd Monday of October by local artists. Two divisions were available for retail and service businesses to compete in, with prizes going to the top three contestants in both categories.  Excalibur Outdoors is located at 110 West Main Street in Circleville, 740-420-SHOT, Like them on facebook for updates and specials.