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Police Respond to Menacing Complaint, Charges Filed Against Two Individuals


On April 7, 2024, the Chillicothe Police Department responded to a disorderly complaint at the Law Enforcement Center (LEC), resulting in charges against two individuals, Rodney Van Horn and Cole Van Horn.

Supplementary details provided by Officer Arbogast shed light on the events leading up to the incident. According to the victim, he had been at Cole Van Horn’s residence earlier in the morning, where an altercation ensued. The victim alleged that Cole Van Horn’s girlfriend, flirted with him, prompting Cole Van Horn to threaten him with brass knuckles and order him to leave the residence. Later, when the victim went to pick up Stevens as requested, both Cole Van Horn and Rodney Van Horn allegedly attempted to enter Blazer’s truck and caused damage to it, with Cole Van Horn wielding a steel pipe.

The man expressed fear for his safety due to the actions of the Van Horns, prompting law enforcement intervention. Rodney Van Horn was subsequently detained, while Cole Van Horn remains at large.

Upon investigation, it was discovered that all parties involved reside together on Vine St, Chillicothe, OH.

Rodney Van Horn was issued a summons for menacing, while a warrant will be requested for Cole Van Horn on charges of aggravated menacing and criminal mischief.

The investigation into the incident is ongoing, with law enforcement continuing their efforts to locate Cole Van Horn and ensure the safety of all parties involved.