Home News Pike County Authorities Successfully Clean Up Hazardous Material Spill After Semi Rollover

Pike County Authorities Successfully Clean Up Hazardous Material Spill After Semi Rollover


Pike County – Emergency responders have completed cleanup operations following a hazardous material spill caused by a semi-rollover incident on State Route 23 in Piketon around noon today.

The accident involved a commercial carrier transporting hazardous cargo, prompting the intervention of the Ohio State Patrol (OSP) to manage the situation. As a precautionary measure, authorities advised travelers to detour around the affected area until the cleanup was completed.

Residents in the vicinity were urged to refrain from attempting to travel through the area during the cleanup efforts. Tim Dickerson, Director of the Pike County Emergency Management Agency (EMA), confirmed that the commercial truck involved in the accident has been removed from the scene, leading to temporary closures in both directions of the route.

Motorists were advised to expect delays if traveling through the area until normal traffic flow is restored. However, as of the latest update, US Route 23 is now open for both northbound and southbound traffic.

The hazardous material transported by the truck was identified as hot molten sulfur, commonly used in various industrial processes such as sulfuric acid production, rubber manufacturing, and petroleum refining. Sulfur, when inhaled or upon contact with skin and eyes, can cause severe irritation, burns, and other adverse health effects. It is also flammable and can release poisonous gases if mishandled.

Authorities extended their appreciation to the collaborative efforts of the Piketon Police Department, Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO), Ohio State Patrol, Seal Township Fire Department, and the Chillicothe Veterans Affairs (VA) Hazardous Materials Response Team for their swift and coordinated response to mitigate the situation and ensure public safety.