Home News Light Ohio Blue Procession Honors Fallen Officers while Traveling Though Pickaway County

Light Ohio Blue Procession Honors Fallen Officers while Traveling Though Pickaway County

Photo - David Brown Photography

Pickaway County, Ohio – The Light Ohio Blue procession made its inaugural journey through Pickaway County yesterday, May 8th, marking a poignant moment of remembrance for fallen law enforcement officers. Sheriff Matthew Hafey expressed his support for the organization, emphasizing its role in honoring the sacrifices of officers and providing crucial support to their families.

“We have had tons of positive comments. People have been contacting me both in person and via social media sharing how wonderful they thought the procession was,” Sheriff Hafey remarked. “The officers I spoke with last night were very impressed with the turnout of the Pickaway County residents.”

Sheriff Hafey highlighted the significance of the community’s support for law enforcement officers. “The law enforcement officers love the feeling that they are supported by the communities they serve contrary to any bad press that may happen nationally,” he stated.

The procession, consisting of 120 law enforcement units and 20 motorcycle units, embarked on its solemn journey from Lancaster around 7:30 PM. Traveling via US-22, the procession entered Pickaway County, passing through key locations including Circleville and Ashville. A significant stop was made at Teays Valley High School, providing an opportunity for citizens to interact with deputies, officers, and troopers. Some of the law enforcement came from all across Ohio including Cleveland, Cincinnati,

Sheriff Hafey encouraged community members to participate in the event, urging them to engage with law enforcement personnel during the stop at Teays Valley High School. He invited residents to line the route, witnessing the procession as it passed by with lights flashing and sirens blaring.

The designated route through Pickaway County included:

  • US-22 from Fairfield County, entering Pickaway County at approximately 7:30 PM.
  • North on Hillcrest Drive to Clark Drive.
  • Clark Drive past Circleville City Schools to Nicholas Drive.
  • Nicholas Drive to East Main Street.
  • East Main Street to North Court Street.
  • North Court Street to Walnut Creek Pike.
  • Walnut Creek Pike to SR-752.
  • SR-752 to Teays Valley High School, where a brief stop was made for public engagement.
  • SR-752 to Ashville Pike.
  • Ashville Pike to Rickenbacker Parkway, leading into Franklin County.

In Franklin County, Sheriff Hafey and other participants paid their respects at the Columbus Police Memorial in Genoa Park, a site commemorating police officers who lost their lives in the line of duty. The memorial serves as a place of reflection and remembrance for the community.

The Light Ohio Blue procession serves as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made by law enforcement officers and stands as a symbol of gratitude and support from the community.