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Pickaway Sheriff Reports on Several Telephone Scams in the Area


We have received two reports of a telephone scam going through the county.
Individuals are calling residents and identifying themselves as Pickaway County Deputies. They are then telling residents that they have warrants for their arrest and ask that money be sent to them via CoinFlip to take care of the warrant. According to victims these callers sound realistic, even going so far as to have police radio traffic in the background while they are talking. They will also give local court and judge information to make the call even more realistic.

Heres on from Pickaway Reports: On December 11, 2019 about 2056 hrs, this unit responded to Era Rd. on a report of a theft of identity. Contact was
made with the reporter/victim, who stated that he received a call from a foreign sounding female advising that His social security number (SSN) had been used.
The female transferred him to a foreign sounding male who advised the same. The male requested that he provide his SSN to verify the use. After some hesitation, the Victium provided the number.
He advised that he missed a call from
#231-616-2055 and had answered the call at 1635 hrs from
#281-255-9382. The caller ID showed a name of
CESIARIOT. A 3rd call at 1818 hrs was received from

We will not call you and ask for money to clear a warrant. If you receive one of these calls hang up.