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Pickaway/Ross County – Scioto River Valley bicycle Tour Will Flow Through Counties This Weekend


Circleville -The Annual Tour of the Scioto River Valley bicycle tour will take place on Saturday September 23rd and Sunday September 24th, 2023. Approximately 400 bicyclists will leave Canal Winchester, Ohio at 6 A.M. on Saturday and make the approximate 12-hour ride to Portsmouth. The bicyclists will return to Canal Winchester on Sunday via the same routes of travel.

Bicyclists will be traveling on Gender Road in Canal Winchester onto where they will continue on Canal Winchester South Road. The bicyclists travel onto Oregon Road to London-Lancaster Road. They will enter into Pickaway County and take the following routes of travel; Goodman Road to Madison Walnut Road, Madison Walnut to Ett Noecker Road, Ett Noecker Road to Ashville Fairfield Road, Ashville Fairfield Road to Winchester Road, Winchester Road to Bell Station Road, Bell Station Road to Walnut Creek Pike, Walnut Creek Pike to North Court Street and traveling through the city of Circleville going from North Court Street to Morris Road, Morris Road to Atwater Avenue, Atwater Avenue to Cedar Heights Drive, Cedar Heights Drive to Edgewood Drive, Edgewood Drive to Nicholas Drive, Nicholas Drive to Clark Drive to North Pickaway Street, North Pickaway Street to East Main Street/US 22 and US 22 to Mill Road, Mill Road to Canal Road to State Route 104. The bicyclists will then continue south on State Route 104 into Ross County. They will continue to Yoctangee Park through downtown to Cooks Hill Road. To 104 to Three Locks Road and then to Higby Road. The bicyclists will then leave Ross County by Higby Road and SR-335 in Pike County.

Troopers will be working with the tour to attempt to make the event as safe as possible for the participants and the motoring public. The Patrol asks local residents to stay alert for bicyclists and respect their right to the roadway.

Anyone needing to report an emergency or other problems may contact the West Jeff Dispatch Center at 740-983-2538 or by calling #677.