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Pickaway Fairgrounds Agricultural Votes Yes on Transparency


CIRCLEVILLE –  There is no surprise there is a bit of controversy over the Fairground Fairboard over the past several years.  Brandon Schilchter claims he filed a formal request 3 years ago for tax returns and financial records.  He was told they could not be produced ever.  The question was raised why?  According to documents from the Pickaway County Agricultural Society, “A Society is not subject to ORC 149.43: Availability of public records and related policies or the provisions of the Ohio Public Records Act and, therefore is not responsible to provide records that are not defined in the schedule.”

On July 9th, 2018 The Pickaway County Fairgrounds Society changed all that.  In the meeting, they voted unanimously to put in place a Public Records Definition and Records Policy.  This policy defines and forces the Society to keep available public records for transparency.
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According to documents obtained at the meeting, “All institutional and legal records, federal true records, accounting & financial records, litigation records, insurance records and personnel files will be recorded and retained to the minimum standards set by federal and state mandate and as listed in Attachment “A” of this policy.  Attachment “A” will be updated from time-to-time as requirements change.  The term “records include hard paper copy, computer disks, microfilm, visual media and such other electronic communications.

In addition, the Association may identify other non-mandated, but valuable intangible property of importance that it will strive to protect and preserve.  The property could include but is not limited to certificates, licenses, publications royalty records and other background material which will be treated and retained as permanent records where possible.”

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