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Pickaway County – Woman Offers Sex to Officer to Get Out of Bar Fight Charges



ASHVILLE, Ohio (February 26, 2024) – Ashville police responded to a call on February 25th at approximately 12:28 AM regarding a disorderly woman at Trackside Bar and Grill.

Upon arrival, officers observed the woman shoving and punching other patrons. The bar owner requested that the woman be trespassed from the establishment.

An officer witnessed the woman push another patron, causing them to fall. The woman was subsequently arrested and resisted arrest by throwing her elbow at a deputy and struggling with officers.

“Ofc. McSweeney placed Ms. Huffer under arrest with the assistance of Dep. Magana while she was sitting on the ground. While placing Ms. Huffer in handcuffs during her arrest, she threw her left elbow at Dep. Magana making contact. Ofc. McSweeney escorted her to his cruiser and conducted a search. While placing Ms. Huffer into the cruiser, she continued to scream and thrash, attempting to break Ofc. McSweeney’s hold. When she finally sat in the cruiser, she resisted by locking her body out in a manner that would prevent the officer from securing her in the cruiser by putting a seatbelt on her or closing the cruiser doors. Through pushing her into the cruiser, both the Officer and Deputy were able to secure Ms. Huffer into the cruiser.”

During transport to the Pickaway County Jail, the woman continued disruptive behavior by banging her head on the window and making inappropriate advances towards the arresting officer. In the report Huffer begged Ofc. McSweeney to let her go by stating, “If you let me go, I’ll let you xxxx,” several times.

Upon arrival at the jail, she became combative with corrections officers.

The woman is facing charges related to disorderly conduct, assault, and resisting arrest.