Home News Ohio, Kentucky, W Virginia Kroger Workers Vote on Potential Strike Authorization

Ohio, Kentucky, W Virginia Kroger Workers Vote on Potential Strike Authorization


Following unsuccessful negotiations with Kroger, the union representing workers is urging members to vote against the company’s latest contract offer and authorize a potential strike.

Contract Negotiations Stalled:

After extended negotiations, the union and Kroger failed to reach a satisfactory agreement before the current contract expired on February 24th. Workers continued working without a contract as of February 25th.

Union Rejects Offer, Recommends Strike Vote:

The union leadership, along with the bargaining committee, unanimously recommends that members reject Kroger’s offer and vote to authorize a strike. They cite concerns about the proposed wage increases not keeping pace with double-digit inflation and the lack of recognition for worker contributions during the pandemic as reasons for rejecting the offer.

Voting Details:

  • Tele-Town Hall:
    • Date: Tuesday, February 27th
    • Time: 4:00 PM
    • Topics: Offer review, Q&A session
    • Registration required
  • Voting:
    • Dates: Wednesday, February 28th and Thursday, February 29th
    • Locations: Select stores (specific schedule provided)
    • Information available at voting sites: Offer copies, union representatives for questions
  • Vote Counting:
    • Date: Friday, March 1st
    • Time: 10:00 AM
    • Witness registration available

Strike Authorization:

While authorizing a strike is on the table, it does not mean an immediate walkout. The vote empowers the bargaining committee to call a strike strategically if necessary.

Next Steps:

The union encourages workers to attend the Tele-Town Hall, vote during designated times, and stay informed about further developments. They are also available to answer any questions members may have.