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Pickaway County Visitors Bureau Hires Interim Director


PICKAWAY – Pickaway County Visitors Bureau has a new face in the office, Nathan Wilson.

Former Director Tim Wilson has moved on and has taken a job with the Visitors Bureau in Delaware Ohio, Wilson has been Director in Pickaway since May 2017. Wilson was instrumental in bringing Columbus Symphony to Circleville, and he helped drive the hometown heroes banner project that is now in four areas of Pickaway County. Wilson welcomed the GOBA riders into town in 2018, helped with starting the Art Corridor that will reach Pickaway county in the future. Wilson was part of many community boards and helped connect local events to the community through the PCVB website and marketing techniques.

Tim Wilson is being replaced by Nathan Wilson, no relation, but what they have in common is that Nathan has served on the Pickaway Welcome Center board for several years. Tim recommended Nathan for his spot because he wanted to make sure that the transition went smoothly and with so many events coming up, like Pumpkin show and Symphony he needed a replacement that was already prepared for the challenges ahead.

Nathan says he has a background in finance and banking, and he has partnered with local Rotary and Commerical Point Men’s club on events. Nathan says he enjoys networking with people in the city and Pickaway County and feels like this position is a good fit for him. The new director says he’s a car guy and loves music, and played in a band before. He been married for seven years, with one son, 4, and lives between Circleville and Ashville area.

“Tim has done an amazing job reaching out and making sure that all of Pickaway County is represented, that’s something I want to continue. He has already set up the Info center up for success, and I plan on continuing it.”

The Pickaway County Welcome Center and Visitors Bureau is located at 325 West Main Street in Circleville and is open 9 to 4 Monday – Friday and Saturday 10 to 2 pm. The location offers more than information, they also sell local wears from around the county, like Pumpkin Show pins, local honey, alpaca fur, and photos from around Pickaway County.