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Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office Receives New Night Vision Technology


Pickaway County, Ohio – The Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office is bolstering its nighttime operations capabilities with the recent acquisition of a Forward Looking InfraRed (FLIR) optical device, thanks to a grant from the United States Deputy Sheriff’s Association.

FLIR technology utilizes infrared radiation, which is invisible to the naked eye, to create a thermal image of its surroundings. This allows deputies to see objects and individuals in low-light or complete darkness, significantly enhancing their situational awareness and operational effectiveness during nighttime hours.

“This equipment is a game-changer for our deputies working the night shift,” said Sheriff Matthew O. Hafey. “FLIR technology provides them with a clear view of their surroundings, regardless of the lighting conditions. This will be instrumental in responding to calls for service, conducting search and rescue operations, and ensuring the safety of our community members.”

Sheriff Hafey expressed his appreciation to the USDSA for their generous contribution: “We are deeply grateful to the United States Deputy Sheriff’s Association for recognizing the need for this equipment and providing it free of charge. Their support directly translates to enhanced safety and security for Pickaway County residents.”

Beyond its role in nighttime operations, FLIR technology can also be utilized in various other scenarios, such as:

  • Search and rescue: Locating missing persons, especially in areas with dense vegetation or rough terrain, can be significantly easier with the help of FLIR’s ability to detect heat signatures.
  • Suspect apprehension: FLIR can assist deputies in identifying and apprehending suspects who may be attempting to conceal themselves in low-light conditions.
  • Scene investigation: FLIR can help investigators identify and collect evidence that might be invisible to the naked eye, even in complete darkness.

The Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office is committed to staying at the forefront of law enforcement technology. The addition of the FLIR device represents a significant step forward in this commitment, allowing deputies to better serve and protect the community, regardless of the time of day.