Home News Pickaway County Sheriff to Receive New 3D Tech for Accident Scenes

Pickaway County Sheriff to Receive New 3D Tech for Accident Scenes


PICKAWAY – The Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office has been selected by the Ohio Department of Public Safety, Traffic Records Coordinating Committee, to receive a Trimble S5 Robotic Total Station awarded to Ohio law enforcement agencies. The Total Stations are used by officers to help reconstruct traffic crashes and provide data for more accurate crash reports. The grant includes the total station, crash data recorders, peripherals, software, and related training.

The Trimble total station will allow the sheriffs department to 3d image accident and crime scenes allowing for more in depth studies, and forensics. Most of the measurements the station will measure are already done manually by a Officer.  A quick set up at a scene will allow measurements to be done automatically and accurately, allowing the Sheriff to perform other duties needed on the scene.  Data from these events can be measured and calculated to help people in the future.

According to Pickaway County Sheriff Robert B. Radcliff, his agency is one of ten law enforcement agencies in Ohio to receive the grant. According to Radcliff, “This equipment will assist deputies in obtaining more accurate measurements and will help us provide additional data regarding traffic crashes that we investigate”.


Sheriff Radcliff anticipates receiving the equipment on July 18, 2018 during training sessions that some of his deputies will be attending.