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PICKAWAY COUNTY – Man Breaks into Home Because “A Demon Lives in His” Found Not Guilty Due to Insanity


Pickaway County – A man was held at gunpoint after being found inside a home on a February Night when asked why he invaded someone else’s home he gave a weird response

According to the Pickaway County Sheriff’s office, they were called to the scene of an alarm drop in the 10000 block of US62. While en route a man called 911 and said that he had a person detained at gunpoint that was found inside a property in question.

When Deputies arrived they found a man that was pointing a gun at a suspect identified as 49-year-old Dale Clayborn. Clayborn was detained and questioned on why he was on the property. During the conversation, Dale said that he did break into the property by using a stature he found and throwing it through the window to gain access. He said he did it because “a demon was inside his home so he came here to stay.”

Dale was arrested and charged with two counts of burglary and two counts of criminal damaging.

Dale was found Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity and referred to Netcare to determine where he will be confined for up to 8 years.