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Circleville – Local Man Found Guilty of Trafficking Again


Circleville – A traffic stop led to the arrest of two men who were already on probation for drug charges.

According to reports, a traffic stop occurred on Lancaster Pike in April at the Pickaway County fairgrounds for a vehicle not using its turn signals. Inside the vehicle were 47-year-old Jerry Tipton and 44-year-old Michael Frazier. During the interaction, police conducted a “free air sniff” of the vehicle and were able to determine that drugs were inside the car. After taking the two men into custody and searching the car police found illicit drugs and items that are used in drug trafficking.

Michael Frazier the driver was charged with trafficking in drugs, turn and stop signals, and driving under suspension, he was on probation for drug possession and trafficking already so he was also charged with probation violation.

Jerry Tipton was arrested and charged with Trafficking in Drugs, and probation violation. He also was on probation for trafficking, possession, and tampering with evidence.

This week Tipton was found guilty of Possession of Fentanyl and aggravated Possession of Drugs a PSI (Presenting investigation) will be done and he will be sentenced in the next few weeks.