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Pickaway County Health Offers Free Narcan for Anyone


PICKAWAY – For the first time in United States history, there was over 100,000 overdose deaths in a 12-month period. Fentanyl is increasingly responsible for the growing amount of accidental overdoses. Currently, more than 60% of drug overdoses involve fentanyl.

It is now more important than ever to know the risk of contamination of street drugs, signs of an overdose, and to carry naloxone. 

Overdose of Fentanyl is quick and often can stop the person’s breathing leading to death quickly. Narcan will reverse the symptoms of an overdose situation almost immediately, and almost anyone can dispense it. With very minor side effects to the drug, the drug usually only stays in the system for a couple of hours.

You can get your free naloxone for free at the health department by calling 740-477-9667.