Home News Pickaway County Deputies Respond to Stabbing Incident on Darby Creek Road

Pickaway County Deputies Respond to Stabbing Incident on Darby Creek Road


On April 14, 2024, law enforcement officers were dispatched to 10597 Darby Creek Road following reports of a stabbing incident. Upon arrival, deputies encountered a white male and two white females at the scene.

The white male, alleged that one of the females, Nicole Ross, had stabbed a man in the back near his left shoulder blade. Nicole Ross was approached by assisting deputies, as she emerged from the side of the home. Upon questioning, Nicole claimed that he had threatened her and her children, but did not specify the details of the altercation.

As Deputies attempted to inform Nicole of her Miranda Rights, she became agitated and aggressive, prompting deputies to take control of the situation. Despite attempts to detain her peacefully, Nicole resisted and was eventually subdued with physical force. Meanwhile, a witness provided further details of the incident, alleging that Nicole had stabbed him with a butcher knife.

Deputies recovered the alleged weapon, a gray and black knife covered in blood, from underneath a pillow in one of the witness’s room. The knife and a pillowcase stained with blood were seized as evidence. Statements were obtained from two people, who witnessed the aftermath of the stabbing did not correspond with Nicole’s statements.

A neighbor reported hearing a disturbance involving Nicole and a man, corroborating the account provided by the individuals involved. Following a search of Nicole’s belongings, no illegal items were found, and she was subsequently evaluated by medical personnel before being transported to jail.

Deputies conducted a follow-up interview with the victium at Mt. Carmel East Emergency Department, where he recounted the events leading up to the stabbing. He expressed gratitude for the swift response by law enforcement and described the circumstances of the attack, emphasizing the severity of his injuries.

Nicole Ross, 42 was arrested and charged with Felonious Assault she is currently being held in Pickaway County jail