Home News Circleville – Overdose Call Ends in Drug Trafficking Charges

Circleville – Overdose Call Ends in Drug Trafficking Charges


Circleville – On April 14, 2024, officers were dispatched to 160 Lancaster Pike following a report of a male individual in and out of consciousness inside a vehicle. Upon arrival at the scene, officers discovered Robert Nungester II slumped over inside the vehicle, with drug paraphernalia visible on his lap.

Concerned for Nungester’s well-being, officers promptly removed him from the vehicle for medical treatment. During this process, they observed narcotics paraphernalia in plain sight, prompting a search of the vehicle. This search revealed the presence of 50.44 grams of illegal narcotics packaged in multiple individual baggies. Additionally, officers found several empty baggies scattered throughout the vehicle, both on the driver and passenger sides.

Subsequently, Robert Nungester III was arrested and charged with possession of drugs and trafficking in drugs.

In light of this incident, authorities issued a reminder to the community, urging those struggling with drug addiction to seek help. The Police Department, along with local treatment centers, stands ready to provide assistance and resources to individuals seeking support for addiction recovery.

If you or someone you know is battling drug addiction, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Police Department or a local treatment center for guidance and support. Together, we can work towards addressing substance abuse issues and promoting healthier, drug-free communities.