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Governor DeWine Allocates $2.5 Million for Teen Driver Training Scholarships Over 130 Thousand to Go to Pickaway/Ross Counties


(COLUMBUS, Ohio) – In a bid to enhance road safety and empower young drivers, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine unveiled a significant investment of nearly $2.5 million in grants earmarked for expanding access to teen driver training among low-income families.

Under the Drive to Succeed Scholarship Program, thirty-five local school districts and government agencies across Ohio will benefit from grants totaling $2,495,655. These funds are dedicated to providing driver training scholarships to eligible teenage drivers, with the aim of making essential education more accessible to families facing financial constraints.

For Pickaway and Ross Counties, Pickaway health department will receive 61,500 and Pickaway ross Vocational School will receive 72,280.

Governor DeWine initiated the scholarship program in 2022 with the objective of supporting teenage drivers from economically disadvantaged backgrounds who may struggle to afford the costs associated with driving school. It is anticipated that this round of funding will extend driver training scholarships to approximately 5,500 Ohio students residing in 43 counties.

Administered by the Ohio Traffic Safety Office (OTSO), this marks the second phase of funding provided through the scholarship program, signaling a sustained commitment to fostering safer driving practices among Ohio’s youth.

Commenting on the initiative, Governor DeWine remarked, “This program is already helping hundreds of teens learn skills to be safer drivers, and we are happy to help even more young people receive driver training. When young drivers know the strategies to stay safe on the roads, the roads are safer for everyone.”

The significance of driver training in reducing accident rates among young drivers was underscored by Andy Wilson, Director of the Ohio Department of Public Safety, who noted that comprehensive driver education can substantially mitigate the risks associated with early licensure.

Emily Davidson, OTSO Director, emphasized the pivotal role of driver training in shaping the future success of teens, highlighting the tailored approach of distributing funds to address the unique needs of local communities.

Of note, Pickaway Ross County will receive $133,840 from the Drive to Succeed Scholarship Program, underscoring the tangible impact of these grants in underserved areas.

Governor DeWine’s commitment to enhancing traffic safety for young drivers has been further demonstrated through initiatives such as the Creating Opportunities for Driver Education (CODE) Grant program, aimed at expanding driver training options in historically underserved regions.

As Ohio continues to prioritize road safety and equitable access to driver education, these investments represent a concerted effort to equip young drivers with the knowledge and skills necessary for safe and responsible driving habits.