Home News Pickaway County Common Pleas Court Proceedings: May 15, 2024

Pickaway County Common Pleas Court Proceedings: May 15, 2024


In the latest session of the Court of Common Pleas overseen by Judge P. Randall Knece, several individuals faced charges ranging from theft to drug trafficking. Here are the details of the cases:

  • Harry C. Horn (44), Columbus, OH: Charged with Violation of Community Control. Horn’s community control was extended for two years, with an order to complete an inpatient program.
  • Abby Huggins (64), Circleville, OH: Accused of Theft. Huggins’ case was adjourned for a Presentence Investigation (PSI) to be conducted.
  • Debra L. Lewis (42), Circleville, OH: Facing charges of Assault and Strangulation. Lewis’s pretrial is scheduled for June 14th.
  • Marinda Perrill (39), Ashville, OH: Charged with Trafficking in Cocaine and Possession of Cocaine. A PSI was ordered for Perrill’s case.
  • Billy Q. Scarberry (57), Chillicothe, OH: Accused of Aggravated Possession of Drugs. Scarberry received a sentence of 12 months in prison. Story on Scarberry here: https://www.sciotopost.com/pickaway-county-wanted-man-arrested-for-more-drugs-after-traffic-stop/#google_vignette
  • James M. Stokes (34), S. Gallipolis, OH: Facing charges of Illegal Use of a Minor or Impaired Person in Nudity-Oriented Material (x4) and Pandering Obscenity Involving a Minor or an Impaired Person (x4). Stokes’s pretrial is set for June 14th.
  • Erica L. Writesel (41), Columbus, OH: Charged with Receiving Stolen Property and Possession of Criminal Tools. Writesel’s case was adjourned for a pretrial on June 14th.

The proceedings shed light on a variety of legal matters, reflecting the ongoing efforts of the court to address and adjudicate cases within the community.