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US-23 and 270 South Road Improvements Underway in Franklin County


Franklin County residents can anticipate significant enhancements to traffic flow and safety as construction ramps up on the U.S. 23/Rathmell Rd./I-270 interchange improvement project. With an estimated construction cost of $31,840,000, the project aims to address safety concerns and increase capacity on the south side of the county. Construction commenced in the spring of 2023 and is projected to conclude by the summer of 2025.

The project, categorized under Interchange Improvement (Safety), entails various phases, from pre-construction to completion, to ensure a comprehensive overhaul of key intersections and ramps. Here’s an overview of the proposed changes:

U.S. 23 and I-270:

  • Reconfiguration of existing loop ramps from I-270 west to U.S. 23 south and I-270 east to U.S. 23 north.
  • Addition of traffic signals on each side of the interchange, facilitating safer navigation for motorists.
  • Implementation of controlled turning movements, replacing the current continuous flow setup.
  • Widening of the U.S. 23 northbound ramp to I-270 for improved traffic flow.
  • Rehabilitation of two bridges to enhance structural integrity and longevity.

U.S. 23 and Rathmell Road:

  • Expansion of U.S. 23 northbound to accommodate a third lane, extending from Rathmell Rd. to I-270.
  • Construction of a dedicated turn lane from Rathmell Rd. onto U.S. 23, aiming to streamline intersection traffic.
  • Upgrades to signals, lighting, and signage to optimize visibility and communication for drivers.
  • Pavement resurfacing to ensure smoother and safer driving conditions.

These planned improvements underscore the county’s commitment to enhancing transportation infrastructure and promoting safer travel for residents and commuters alike. As construction progresses, motorists are advised to stay updated on project developments and to exercise caution when navigating through construction zones.