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“Operation Red, White, & Bust” in Fayette County Indicted 45 People for Drug Trafficking


FAYETTE – Fayette County Sheriff Vernon Stanforth held a conference today announcing a large bust with the US 23 Major Crimes Task Force, and the Washington Court House Police Department.

A long-standing undercover operation to thwart the sale of opioids and narcotics in four Ohio counties has culminated in the indictment of 45 people on drug-trafficking charges, Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost and Fayette County Sheriff Vernon Stanforth announced today.

“While most of us will be celebrating independence, this group of drug dealers behind bars won’t make the picnic,” Yost said. “Great job by this task force whose work to remove drug traffickers from our communities will prevent overdoses and save lives – now that’s something to celebrate!”

“Operation Red, White and Bust” was conducted by the U.S. 23 Major Crimes Task Force, part of the Ohio Organized Crime Investigations Commission. The operation focused on traffickers in fentanyl, tramadol, cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine.

“This operation is not the end but merely a continuation of our collective efforts to keep drugs out of our neighborhoods,” Sheriff Stanforth said. “This success is due to the cooperative efforts with many agencies, including the 23 Pipeline Task Force, the Attorney General’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation and the U.S. Marshal’s Service.”

Twenty-nine of the 45 indicted individuals were arrested this week. They are:

  • Alec T. Ables, Bloomingsburg
  • Scott M. Angeletti, Washington Court House
  • Kevin H. Axline, Washington Court House
  • Heather R. Bost, Chillicothe
  • Dustin L. Browning, Jeffersonville
  • Guy Nathan Cambell, Washington Court House
  • Karie Campbell, Washington Court House
  • Zachary P. Dickens, Mount Sterling
  • Tyler J. Evans, Washington Court House
  • John R. Fowler, Washington Court House
  • Lindsey M. Gibson-Rader, Washington Court House
  • Corey S. Keller, Washington Court House
  • Dalton C. W. Knapp, Washington Court House
  • Ashley D. Lowe, Washington Court House
  • Ashley Martin, Grove City
  • Kenneth M. Matthews, Washington Court House
  • Robert L. McClendon, Washington Court House
  • Sean K. McKittrick, Washington Court House
  • Joshua R. Mick, Washington Court House
  • Chasity Mickle, Washington Court House
  • Anthony L. Nelson, Washington Court House
  • Durant E. Peters, Washington Court House
  • Alisha Rinehart, Jeffersonville
  • Katherine J. Ross, Jeffersonville
  • Nathaniel Ryan, Bloomingsburg
  • Brittani N. Stroup, Bloomingsburg
  • Holden A. Whaley, Washington Court House
  • Justin M. Wilson, Washington Court House
  • Kyle Wes Wilson, Washington Court House

Seven other individuals who were indicted as part of the operation were at large at the time that this press release was issued. The remaining nine indicted individuals were already in custody for other crimes.

An additional individual, Neathen McClendon, was indicted and arrested in early June as part of this operation.

Operation Red, White and Bust was conducted by the sheriff’s offices of Fayette, Ross, Highland and Hocking counties, along with the Ohio Attorney General’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation and the Chillicothe Police Department. The U.S. Marshals Service and the Washington Court House Police Department assisted the task force in making the arrests.