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Ohio School Report Cards See How Your School is Graded


OHIO – Last Year Ohio House passed House bill 82 which improved the way we graded and checked how local schools were doing.

“Ohio’s business community understands the importance of maintaining a report card system that clearly, honestly and fairly evaluates schools and school districts, and we believe the updated school report cards in House Bill 82 will help keep Ohio a national model for measuring the success of our schools,” said Lisa Gray, president of Ohio Excels. “Ohio’s students deserve to be in schools that are constantly improving, and parents and the public deserve to know if that’s happening.”

Knowing the importance of a report card system that clearly and fairly evaluates schools and school districts while giving parents and communities insight into how well their schools are helping students learn, Ohio Excels has been working for nearly two years with education and advocacy partners to identify ways to help improve Ohio’s report card system. 

Districts and schools will not receive overall ratings this year. The report cards will include five rated components and various report-only data. The five components will receive ratings from one to five stars. The 2022 Guide to Ohio School Report Cards provides an overview and explanation of these key components.

Find the report cards and other data for all districts and schools, including community schools, on the Ohio School Report Cards webpage. A search bar you can put in Pickaway, Ross, Fairfield, Etc. to find all the schools in your district.