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Ohio Mink Common Creature in Every Ohio County


It’s time once again for our popular Wildlife Wednesday series from your Ohio Division of Wildlife as we spotlight a critter you may see this time of year around ponds and lakes – the American mink.

This sleek furbearer is weasel-like or ferret-like in appearance possessing a long, narrow body, but is considerably larger with a bushier tail. It has small, rounded ears, beady eyes, short legs, and sharp claws. The mink’s fur is usually a rich chocolate brown, but can look almost black. A white chest or chin patch with spots scattered on the underparts of the body is also characteristic.

The mink is almost invariably found near water – both running waters of streams and rivers and the standing waters of marshes and lakes. Minks are especially drawn to areas that are wooded or brushy.

For more info on this mammal, head to https://ohiodnr.gov/wps/portal/gov/odnr/discover-and-learn/animals/mammals/american-mink. #WildOhio Ohio Department of Education