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ODNR Hosts Veterans’ Archery Hunt in Southern Ohio


COLUMBUS, Ohio – Sixteen Ohio veterans were treated to a guided archery hunt at Zaleski State Forest by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR). The ODNR divisions of Forestry, Wildlife, and Parks and Watercraft partnered with the Buckeye Hero Hunt Committee to provide this opportunity to hunt white-tailed deer.
“This weekend is always a memorable one spent with some superb Ohioans,” ODNR Division of Forestry Chief Dan Balser said. “The Division of Forestry is grateful to have a hand in this fantastic event, and we are honored to provide this opportunity to those who have served our country.”

 Sixteen Ohio veterans, supported by many volunteers, participated in a guided archery hunt for white-tailed deer at Zaleski State Forest.

Veterans who applied to participate attended the event free of charge. Volunteers assisted the Buckeye Hero Hunt Committee to support the veterans with their hunt and provide meals, lodging, and equipment. Fourteen deer were harvested between Oct. 14 and Oct. 15.
“Working with the Buckeye Hero Hunt Committee and their volunteers is always a pleasure,” Zaleski State Forest Manager Courtney Cawood said. “This event fosters friendship and creates lifelong memories for all in attendance. We could host no better group of individuals, and we always look forward to a great weekend.”
The ODNR Division of Forestry promotes the wise use and sustainable management of Ohio’s public and private woodlands. This hunt provided an opportunity to effectively manage the damage white-tailed deer cause to the forest ecosystem in a specific area of Zaleski State Forest. White-tailed deer can have substantial negative impacts on forest health and regeneration due to deer browsing on tree seedlings and herbaceous plants. Hunting is the most effective way to control deer populations, and the ODNR Division of Forestry is happy to create this great opportunity for veterans.