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NFL Family Legacies: The Gronkowskis


There are several families in the NFL, not hypothetical or theoretical families, but actual families who rule over the NFL. Football-playing dads teach their kids the game, and soon enough they’re changing the latest NFL odds because their kids are now in the game too!  

We have seen plenty of football-playing families rule over the field over the years, the most infamous has to be the Mannings, and the Matthews, but there is also the Watt family, the Longs, the Ryans, and of course, The Gronkowskis.  

The Gronkowski family, although not the most infamous football-playing family, has probably got the most family members in the NFL.  

Let’s take a moment to consider them, and how they have influenced the game and the legacy they have left in their wake. 

A Family In Football 

Sure, the Gronkowski family’s accolades may not stack up in comparison to some other football-playing families, however, they can pass, throw, and party with the best of them by far.  

Gordon Gronkowski and his wife have 5 children, and all but one of these kids managed to make it to the NFL. The first of Gordon’s sons to enter the NFL after he was drafted in the 7th round by the Lions, and Rob, both played tight end. However, Glenn and Chris both played full-back.  

Rob, entered the league a year later after his brother, and he is the best well-known of all of his siblings. He went on to be known as one of the best tight ends in the history of the NFL.  

That being said, Chris, Dan, and Glenn have all balanced to be pretty prominent in the sport for quite some time in their ways.  

Of course, if there is one thing that has been proven by the brother, it is that their surname stands for having ‘Good Genetics’ as well as “Running hard. Hands Strong. Defender Bad’.  

Who Are The Gronkowski Men? 

The Gronkowskis are a legendary family, with 5 sons, 4 of which played in the NFL, and the other who played pro baseball. These 5 sporting individuals all grew up to become pro athletes. However, most of them have also become elite entrepreneurs.  

They created Gronk Nation clothing, the Ice Shaker brand, and fitness products.  


The oldest of the 5 sons, attended Jacksonville University, where he played baseball. In his freshman year, he gained the All-American title, and his stats went flying out of the part.  

In 2006, he was drafted for the LA Angels, then in 2008, he went on to play for Southern Illinois. He now managed Gronk Fitness in Boston 


Dan is the second oldest son, he showed promise in football very early on in high school and he has continually broken school records since. He attended the University of Maryland, setting his career focus on football.  

As he worked hard to pursue his pro football career, he also managed to snag an MBA at the same time. Not long after he was picked in the NFL Draft, he played for the Lions, Broncos, Patriots, and even the Browns!  


Chris is the middle brother, who attended the University of Maryland, where he played as a fullback, and he transferred to the University of Arizona. Here he played as a linebacker.  

In the duration of his career in the NFL, he played for the Colts, Cowboys, and Broncos, much like his elder brother. 


The second youngest of the brothers, otherwise known as ‘Gronk’, has the most impressive record of all of the brothers. He went to the University of Arizona, and as a freshman, he gained 18.8 yards per reception, which was the best on his team.  

He was very quickly named to be a Sporting News freshman ‘All-American’, and in 2010, the New England Patriots. He was named as the 9th best player in the league in 2016.  

Brady himself described Ronk as being “a one-of-a-kind person, friend, and player. He is also one of the most positive people I have ever been around, and he loves to have fun”  

This says a lot about him, and his incredible teamwork with Brady over the years led to several Super Bowl rings and a lot of success!   


The last of the 5, is Glenn. Glenn attended Kansas State University, where he was named as being the First-team Academic All-Distract 7, and the first-team Academic All-Big 12 back in 2014.  

He went on to play in the NFL, where he joined the Buffalo Bills as a starting fullback. Later on, he went on to sign with the Patriots practice squad.  

5 Football Sons 

Incredibly, these men have had so much success, and we put it down to the way they were raised by their fathers. However, their father himself did not have an amazing role model, but he knew exactly what he was doing when he raised his boys, and it shows!  


The Gronkowski family has some legendary stats in sports, but the most impressive part of all is having 4 sons who excel in the NFL.