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Nerf Wars Huge Success According to Pastor

CIRCLEVILLE "A huge success" - Pastor Ben Blackburn claims. On Saturday August 26, the Faith Baptist Church hit right on target with its Nerf Wars...

Video of New Boat Ramp at Hargus Lake

Full Story: VIDEO TOUR: Family Donates $279,000 to Add Docks & Renovate Hargus Lake

Official 2017 Eclipse Video

BREAKING HERE FIRST! We're so fast on the news, we captured live video of the eclipse 1.5 days before it happened. Now that's fast!

Roundtown Roller Derby in Mt Vernon

Full Store: Girl Power: Round Town Roller Derby Gives Girls Chance to Break Stereotypes, Opponents

Video Memorial of Matthew Hogue

See Full Obituary

Fly the Roundtown Trail between the YMCA, Circleville Schools, and OCU

CIRCLEVILLE, Ohio - A project 7 years in the making, the Roundtown trail connects the growing Ohio Christian University with Circleville. Prior to its...

Skyview Drive-In, Lancaster

Full story: After 69 years of operation Skyview Drive-In one of nineteen left in Ohio
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