Home News New Holland Officer Holds Man at Gunpoint Calls for Officer in Trouble

New Holland Officer Holds Man at Gunpoint Calls for Officer in Trouble


NEW HOLLAND – A officer in trouble call came out of New Holland on Wednesday, when the Sheriff’s department arrived they found a New Holland Officer with his gun pulled and pointing at a suspect.

The Sheriff officer who arrived on the scene started talks to deescalate the situation and placed the suspect in handcuffs.

According to the New Holland Police department officer Moore who advised he was investigating an assault where Harvey Jordan had just assaulted someone at the Petits store. Officer Moore stated that he observed signs of injuries to a man at the store that implicated that Jordan had attacked him. Officer Jim Moore stated that he wanted to arrest Harvey Jordan for this assault and when he arrived to this location that he located Harvey by a grain bin and Harvey refused to put down a shovel when ordered to do so. Officer Moore stated that Harvey wasn’t cooperative with
him upon his arrival and not for having Harvey to put down the shovel that he put out the officer in trouble call.

Jordan was arrested for the assault and taken to Pickaway county jail, but thats not the end of that story

The man who was assaulted Hunter Whaley was also charged with menacing by stalking on Jordans daughter. According to the reports that is the reason why Jordan confronted and assaulted Whaley