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NCAAF Profiles: Michigan Wolverines


Ever since the championship first started, the NCAAF lines have been some of the most intense out there. This is due to the tough competition and rivals that have similar athletic abilities. Within the Division I Football Bowl Subdivision, the Michigan Wolverines have some of the highest numbers of rivals. 

This is due to the impressive amount of power and communication that the Wolverines have been able to achieve. Thanks to rigorous training and learning from intense challenges, the Wolverines are some of the highest achieving teams in the NCAAF. This is a complete profile into the University of Michigan college football team. 

Home Stadium

Firstly, the Michigan Wolverines have seen several moves during their time within the NCAAF. This happened around the same time as some of the team’s key accomplishments and widespread success. 

Some of the Wolverines’ first games were played in Washtenaw County Fairgrounds in Ann Arbor. The team played there for almost ten years, before purchasing a larger parcel of land that was more suitable for larger games. 

The Wolverines moved their home stadium to Regents Field in 1893, and the maximum capacity of the venue was around 15,000 by the time that they left in 1905. A home stadium began construction in 1902 after a $30,000 donation. 

Despite various adjustments to increase the maximum capacity, Ferry Field was often filled with more than 48,000 fans. The stadium was unable to accommodate for this many audience members comfortably, which lead to the Michigan Stadium construction. 

Michigan Stadium was built with huge crowds of fans in mind. Although it was originally constructed to hold around 72,000 fans, the venue underwent many alterations and extension project which made it one of the largest stadiums in the NCAAF.

Eventually, crowds over 100,000 fans were able to comfortably enjoy the Wolverines’ games in real time. Not only that, but the recent addition of lights to the stadium has allowed fans to enjoy games played at night. 


Ohio State had one of the most intense rivalries with the Wolverines. The most well-known period where the two were consistently changing the record became known as the Ten-Year War. 

Between 1969 and 1978, both coaches and players faced off in a competition that saw some of the closest matched teams for skill and technique. They were fighting for the Big Ten Conference Championship, as well as a trip to the Rose Bowl. 

Other rivalries which the Wolverines have faced include those against Notre Dame, Northwestern, Minnesota, and Michigan State. However, none of these have been as closely matched and consistent as the Ten Year War between Ohio and Michigan. 


The Wolverines have always had some of the highest achieving players who have led the team to a range of successes. Some of these include new records and achieving a range of title wins within the NCAAF. 

In addition to the most all-time wins in college football history, the Wolverines have seen coach and individual player awards ever since the team first started. There are a range of Heisman Trophy achievements, MVP voting and Hall of Fame entries. 

Not only that, but many players have had their numbers retired by the Wolverines as a symbol of their respect and achievements during their time at Michigan. 

Key Players

Michigan has seen a range of highly impressive players with their own skill set. However, some of the players that are worth mentioning include Desmond Howard. This wide receiver earned the Heisman Trophy in 1991, as well as the Maxwell Award, Walter Camp Award, and Chic Harley Award. 

In addition, Charles Woodson was an excellent player who led the Wolverines to a great deal of success within the NCAAF. As a result, Woodson earned the Jack Tatum Trophy, the Chuck Bednarik Award, and the Jim Thorpe Trophy in 1997. 

Other key players who were instrumental in the success of the Wolverines include Aiden Hutchinson, and Jake Butt. However, there are many players who went on to achieve a great deal of success on the field as professional NFL players. 


The Wolverines have always been some of the highest achieving teams within the NCAAF. From intense fan supporting and changing their home stadium to accommodate for this, to setting new records within college football. 

Michigan definitely stands out for their highly impressive Wolverines, and many residents are proud to support them. Check out the link above to see accurate predictions and the latest drafting updates within the NCAAF.