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Massive “Super Load” En Route from Adams County to Licking County


Ohio – The transportation of a colossal “super load” marks a significant logistical feat as it embarks on its journey from a dock along the Ohio River near Manchester in Adams County to its destination in New Albany, Licking County. This mammoth load, identified as a hex/cold box (air processor), weighs a staggering 378,400 pounds and boasts dimensions of nearly 19 feet and 3 inches in height, 20 feet in width, and spans an impressive 128 feet in length.

Thursday, April 25th, will witness the commencement of this awe-inspiring trek, representing the eighth of nearly two dozen super loads slated for transport along this route. The meticulous planning ensures the safe passage of this immense cargo, navigating through various highways and thoroughfares across the state.

Route Information:

The convoy is scheduled to set forth eastward on US Route 52, commencing at approximately 8:15 a.m., immediately following the passage of the last school bus transporting students to Manchester Local Schools.
The journey will see the load traversing US Route 52 Westbound lanes in a unique maneuver just before reaching the junction of SR 239 & US Route 52.
From there, the route continues with a northward trajectory on the SR 239 Southbound ramp toward SR 73/SR 852.
Subsequently, the convoy will navigate southward in the Northbound lanes of SR 73/SR 852 until it reaches US Route 52.
Progressing eastward in the Westbound lanes on US Route 52, the load will eventually reach US Route 23 in Portsmouth.
Continuing its journey, the convoy will head north on US Route 23 in the Northbound lanes until reaching the intersection of Kinneys Lane and Argonne Road. Here, it will transition into the Northbound lanes toward the Village of Piketon.
Upon reaching Piketon, the convoy will navigate through the streets, crossing over into the Southbound lanes of US Route 23 at Market Street to bypass traffic signals, before reverting back to the Northbound lanes.
The journey then proceeds northward on US Route 23 towards Chillicothe before veering westward onto US Route 35.
Finally, the convoy will navigate SR 104 North at SR 207, continuing its journey towards its ultimate destination.

This meticulously planned route ensures minimal disruption to traffic while facilitating the safe transport of this extraordinary cargo, a testament to the precision and expertise of all involved in this remarkable logistical operation.