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Fairfield County Unveils 2024 Comprehensive Plan for Future Land Use


Fairfield County – In a bid to shape the future landscape of Fairfield County, local authorities have unveiled the much-anticipated 2024 Comprehensive Plan, detailing proposed land usage across various townships. The plan, encompassing multiple townships including Pleasant, Richland, Rushcreek, Violet, and Walnut, aims to guide development and growth in a sustainable manner.

According to the report Fairfield will to increase the population of the county to 214,000 people by 2050 with continued growth not only in Fairfield’s largest city Lancaster but also in rural areas and townships across the area. The plan highlights future land use and priority growth areas. The plan highlights and helps guide prospective business owners and developers to areas that are highlighted for use, along with identifying areas for housing. Painting a picture for Fairfield County’s future.

“After a year of careful planning and consideration, including meeting individually with each of the townships and villages, the Fairfield County Commissioners voted to authorize the approval of the 2024 Comprehensive Plan as recommended by the Fairfield County Regional Planning Commission. Village and township officials of Fairfield County can implement the Comprehensive Plan at their own discretion and use it as a guide to plan for, and benefit from, the growth that is expected in Fairfield County.”

Pleasant Township:

Located at the heart of the county, Pleasant Township’s future land use is outlined with a focus on preserving open space, traditional agriculture, and fostering mixed rural and residential areas. Key features of the plan include designated zones for employment centers, village growth, and transportation corridors, ensuring a balanced approach to development.

Richland Township:

With Rushville at its core, Richland Township’s plan emphasizes maintaining its rural character while accommodating growth in strategic areas. The plan identifies opportunities for mixed rural and residential development, along with designated centers for employment and crossroads, aligning with the township’s vision for sustainable progress.

Rushcreek Township:

Bremen and Rushcreek Township set their sights on a future that harmonizes rural charm with modern amenities. The comprehensive plan prioritizes preserving open spaces, bolstering agricultural activities, and strategically locating residential and mixed-use centers to support community needs while safeguarding the township’s natural resources.

Violet Township:

In the northwest corner of Fairfield County, Violet Township’s plan reflects its suburban trajectory, balancing residential expansion with economic development. Notable features include the promotion of mixed-use centers, conservation areas like Coyote Run, and strategic employment zones along major transportation arteries, fostering a vibrant and sustainable community.

Walnut Township:

Nestled in the northeast quadrant of the county, Walnut Township’s plan underscores the coexistence of suburban living and agricultural heritage. Recommendations include suburban residential zones, mixed-use centers, and village growth areas, catering to the diverse needs of residents while preserving the township’s rural character.

The unveiling of the 2024 Comprehensive Plan marks a pivotal moment in Fairfield County’s development trajectory, signaling a commitment to responsible growth and community-centric planning. With stakeholders across townships rallying behind the shared vision outlined in the plan, the county is poised to embrace a future that celebrates its rich heritage while embracing progress.

To see the full comprehensive Plan is available here.