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Ross County – Disturbance on Bridge St., Man Fights with Police in Mental Health Episode


Chillicothe, OH – A routine patrol in the area of Bridge St. and E 5th Street took an unexpected turn as officers encountered a male individual causing a disturbance in the midst of traffic. The incident unfolded as Officer Cody Moore observed the individual, later identified as Larry Bowman, standing in the middle of Bridge St.

Upon closer observation, it became apparent that Bowman was slowly crossing the street amidst speeding vehicles, all while shouting and cursing at passing cars. Officer Moore, recognizing the potential danger of the situation, intervened by sounding the patrol car’s air horn to alert Bowman to the impending traffic.

Instead of heeding the warning, Bowman directed his ire towards Officer Moore, unleashing a barrage of curses and gestures. Officer Moore attempted to approach Bowman to ensure his safety and address the violation. However, Bowman’s behavior continued to escalate, exhibiting signs of a possible mental episode as he spoke of imagined threats in the sky.

Concerned for Bowman’s welfare and the safety of motorists, Officer Moore attempted to engage Bowman in conversation to assess his mental state. Despite his efforts, Bowman remained uncooperative, refusing to provide identification or answer questions.

Subsequent contact was made with Bowman’s nephew, Keith Bowman Jr., who confirmed Bowman’s history of mental health issues. However, neither Bowman’s family nor his nurse were willing to respond to the scene due to his erratic behavior.

In light of the circumstances, Officer Moore determined that Bowman posed a danger to himself and others and made the decision to transport him to ARMC for evaluation and treatment. Bowman’s reaction to the news was hostile, culminating in an altercation during which he spat at Officer Moore and struck him with his fist.

Following the altercation, Bowman was placed under arrest and transported to RCJ on charges of obstructing official business. He is scheduled to appear in Chillicothe Municipal Court on April 25, 2024, at 9:00 a.m.

The Chillicothe Police Department emphasizes its commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of all community members, particularly those experiencing mental health crises, and urges individuals to seek assistance when needed.