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Man Who Took Police on Dangerous Chase Through City Found Guilty


CIRCLEVILLE – A man that took police on a high speed chase through the city before crashing into a car and into a fence has been found guilty.

The high-speed chase occurred around 3:30 p.m. on May 25, 2023, and went through the city of Circleville blazing through side roads at high speed.

According to reports, the chase started in the area of Pickaway Street and blew across through Scioto Street, Water, Union, Corwin, and Court Street where the chase came to an end when a gray truck crashed into a car and then into a fence at the corner of Union and Court street. Two people were detained the driver and the passenger who had a warrant. Emergency services were called to the scene for injuries to the single driver of the car, that person was transported to the local hospital.

A Circleville officer on the scene broke out a window while attempting to access the victim’s car and suffered a cut injury.

Property damage was reported along the route of the chase from the suspect’s car running into signs, trash cans, and vehicles, and tearing up yards while driving on the curbs. School buses were in the area dropping children off during this time.

59-year-old Larry Schwalbauch of Williamsport appeared in court this week and was found guilty of Felonious Assault, Failure to Comply he was sentenced to 6-7 years in prison, 15-year ODL suspension for his crimes.