Home News Long Lines at Pickaway BMV at End of Covid Grace Period

Long Lines at Pickaway BMV at End of Covid Grace Period


OHIO – In March due to shut downs from Governor Dewine shut down BMV locations across Ohio causing people to not be able to renew licenses, IDs, and Vehicle registrations.

That time is over today and lines have been extremely long at the local BMV. Throughout the day lines have been out the door at the Pickaway county BMV.

If your license, ID card, or vehicle registration (including plates and stickers) expired on or after March 9, 2020, your expiration date is July 2, 2021. After that date you could be issued a citation or ticket for driving with expired documents.

Expired documents are not valid past July 1, according to the bill and Ohio BMV website.

You can renew your vehicle registration online now and renewing your license or ID card in person soon. Please know things might look a little different at your local BMV and staff will be enforcing social distancing and facial covering requirements for everyone’s safety. You can minimize the time you’ll physically spend at the BMV by using the website for some items.