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Loaded Handgun Found in Yoctangee Park in Chillicothe


Chillicothe – Chillicothe police were called to the scene of a handgun that was found under a bridge in Chillicothe’s most common park Yoctangee.

According to the report, both Chillicothe police and Ross County deputies were called to the scene. When they arrived they made contact with a concerned citizen who had found a handgun in the area of Yoctangee Park Annex. The man who had called the police says he found a loaded Taurus G2C 9mm handgun on the ground under the US 35 bridge near the river. He told police he saw the handgun laying on the ground and unloaded it, so it would be safe.

In the report, law enforcement said that the gun had, “mud and rust on it, also looked like it had been there for a while.”

Ross County Deputy after running the gun serial number through LEADS, a stolen gun system, and coming up not in the system, he placed the gun and 13 bullets in found property for safe keeping.