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Labor Day Gas Prices Cheapest in Years


OHIO – Gas prices are down compared to this time over the last few years in Ohio, allowing for cheap travel around the state.

According to gasbuddy.com, gas in the area is at a all time low clicking in at 2.16 a gallon. A year ago on Labor day gas was closer to 2.60. The question is why and some of that is obvious and some is not.

One is obvious COVID-19 pandemic has minimized travel with across the country with stay home orders. Second a price war between Russia and Saudi Arabia has driven down prices with both countries flooding the market with oil. Third some gas stations have cut the price to hoping to lure people into the stores, because most gas stations make money selling things like food, snacks, and drinks.

Normally when Tropical Weather like Hurricane Laura hits, we see a uprising in costs due to some of the oil industry’s offshore platforms and rigs being damaged but, it did little to lift gasoline prices as earlier storms in the region have done.

So fill up, get out to Ohio’s parks and enjoy being on the road, and happy Labor Day.