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Kroger To Stop Selling All Vaping Products


USA – Kroger is discontinuing selling the sale of electronic vaping products or e-cigarettes at all stores and fuel centers.

Kroger made the announcement on Monday. Kroger said that question surrounding the complex regulatory environment has made the decision to stop selling. The company said that they, “will exit this category after selling through its current inventory.”

“Kroger is discontinuing the sale of electronic nicotine delivery products, or e-cigarettes, at all store and fuel center locations due to the mounting questions and increasingly-complex regulatory environment associated with these products,”  Kroger said in a press release.

Walmart recently banned vaping in a similar fashion. 

DeWine recently called for legislation to band flavored vaping liquids. 

This all comes after a nationwide warning on vaping after having reported clusters of patients experiencing severe respiratory disease after using e-cigarette or vapor products. As of August 21, 2019, 153 possible cases have been reported across 16 states. Now 18 deaths have been attributed.