Home News Kenworth Adjusts after Parts Manufacturer Hacked by Ransomware

Kenworth Adjusts after Parts Manufacturer Hacked by Ransomware


Chillicothe – FBI is investigating a hack of a computer system and a total lockout of local Riffle Machine workers data system who assists Kenworth a semi truck manufacturer in Ross County.

According to sources inside the Kenworth plant, Riffle who supplies the company with parts went offline this week after a ransomware hacker group took control of their system and is now demanding payment to release the information.

Since then Kenworth refuses to slow down due to this attack and employees told Sciotopost that they went to a paper and pen system and are bringing in around 100 people to assist in continuous manufacturing.

Kenworth Chillicothe has battled shortages over the last two years with chip manufacturing and parts shortages storing semi-trucks at the local Fairgrounds that were missing parts just to reinsert them later when parts have been made available.

Kenworth employs hundreds in the Ross county area.

BlackCat has been named as the hack

It is unknown how long the system will be down or the ransom amount that has been offered to restore services.