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John Rankin, Employees Request Removal of Detention Order While Govt. Sees Otherwise

Photo courtesy of Franklin County Sheriff's Office


As per documents obtained by the Scioto Post, John Rankin has appealed the court’s decision regarding his detention order involving the court case regarding 17 counts of tax-related issues which was reached on Thursday, September 14th, requesting to be released before sentencing to resolve matters involving his business and personal dealings.

The request is summarized in that due to his immediate detention after the verdict, Mr. Rankin has been unable to “Set his affairs in order.” leaving multiple businesses and employees in Jeopardy, such as Tuscan Table and Tootles Pumpkin Inn.

A summary of the situation can best be summed up in the last line of his letter:

“I am devastated by my realization that my arrogance and confidence in my defense is yet one more example of my own personal choices negatively effecting those people who have come to depend upon me. It is my sincere hope that you would be willing to allow me to use the precious time I have before prison to clean up matters.”

His letter is as follows:

“I am profoundly humbled by this recent experience, as it has given me a far greater understanding, and a appreciation for the role of law enforcement with our complex society. I respect the results and determination of the jury, to whom I hold no animus, but only gratitude for their careful and attentive deliberations. It is clear that I alone, am entirely responsible for the choices that have led me here.

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It is now my objective to make restitution and serve the time you will determine is appropriate for the crimes with which I have been found guilty. To this end, and with the assistance of my counsel, Keith Yeazel, I have begun an important dialogue with the prosecution that will no doubt lead to a satisfactory recovery for the government. As best as I could using the resources available to me and what details I can remember, I have been able to suggest several financial solutions that the IRS may find acceptible. I am looking forward to an open exchange that will alow me to begin an immediate process of restitution.

I am eager to put this irresponsible chapter of my life behind me, and begin the difficult process of repairing the danger I have caused to so many lifes. While I do not look forward to a period of incarceration, I recognize that it is required before I can return to what I left at the life I have built here in Ohio.

I am deeply concerned that I have failed to be prepared to be abruptly absent from the important work that I have been producing for CSI….It was my naive belief that I had failed to convince a jury of my innocence, I would have had a few months before I would be required to report for the sentence I would receive. It had been my plan to spend this valuable time resolving my personal affairs, completing what work I could achieve, and transferring my personal knowledge of the new technology to others. I am devastated by my realization that my arrogance and confidence in my defense is yet one more example of my own personal choices negatively effecting those people who have come to depend upon me. It is my sincere hope that you would be willing to allow me to use the precious time I have before prison to clean up matters.”


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Letters to Chief Justice Sargus were submitted by a multitude of people, including the following people:

  • Ashley Wilson, manager of Tuscan Table, which was forced to close down suddenly on Saturday, September the 16th – just two days after the Rankin verdict. In her letter she stated that “The biggest issue that I am faced with is how I am going to be able to pay the fourteen employees, including myself for the hard work that they exhibited throughout this tough time. It is important to me that these people are paid to ensure that they will hopefully be able to make ends meet until they are blessed with another job… It would be a tremendous help if I could sit down face to face with Mr. Rankin and make the decisions necessary to finalize the closing of the restaurant.”
  • Ashley Tait, manager of Tootle’s Pumpkin Inn, which is now being liquidated due to Rankin’s felon status placing the business in jeopardy regarding its liquor license. Her letter stated that “It is virtually impossible to be guided through fifteen-minute phone calls…I write this letter hoping that you will consider releasing John on House arrest until his sentencing.”
  • Kelcey Combs also of Tootle’s Pumpkin Inn and booking manager said that ..”Things have been complete chaos. The employees of Tootle’s unfortunately do not have a plan and have gotten no direction as to what we are to do….We were not prepared, however, for him to be immediately incarcerated and to have very little, to no, communication with him”.
  • Edward Molnar, VP of Development at CSI-International mentioned the work John was involved with that was in jeopardy when Rankin was found guilty. He stated in the letter than the company had just received a patent for a piece of software that would improve network traffic for all users of the internet. He requested that the judge “…Allow me the opportunity to work with Jon Rankin so that we can proper put the company’s affairs in order, thus not negatively affecting the lives of the many that depend on CSI’s success.”
  • Stephanie Robinette, Director of Connectivity Systems, Inc echoed similar statements to Edward Molnar, regarding John’s involvement in the company, stating that “…Mr Rankin is an extremely accomplished developer in the VSE community and is the only developer capable of moving this product into its final stage…. I humbly ask that you consider allowing Mr. Rankin to post bond for the period prior to his pre-sentencing hearing to get his affairs in order.”
  • Barry Boyer, President of CSI International made similar statements, stating that Mr. Rankin…”Must develop and test his process on a mainframe computer…While these steps may seem time-consuming, I am confident Mr. Rankin can accomplish these tasks in a few months should you allow him the opportunity.” speaking of the product that CSI had recently patented.
  • Katherine Rankin-McVey, daughter of John Rankin stated in her letter than she has “…Been deeply concerned about this issue now for my father’s current propreties, too, especially as I need to ensure that everything is in place for restitution to the IRS which is my highest priority…It would be extremely helpful if we could have some time to have my father clean some of this up or to further orchestrate evictions and legal matters related to the properties. “
  • Finally, Gary Combs, a retired Detective from the Pickaway Sheriff’s Office and a facilities manager for Rankin stated that “I am unprepared to address several issues without John’s presence. John has strong ties to the community, his children, grandchild and friends; therefore I feel that he is not a flight risk. I am respectfully requesting your consideration of his release from custody pending sentencing.”

As per our former article by Trish Bennett, sentencing could take “90 days or more.” the verdict was handed down approximately 15 days prior to the paperwork obtained, requesting bail on behalf of Rankin.

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On the other side, lawyers for the federal government argue that Mr. Rankin is a flight risk, citing his lengthy prison sentence, his vast financial resources, and the “near total
disregard for the judicial system that Mr. Rankin displayed throughout [these] proceedings.”

Arguments for continued detention referenced other, similar cases, such as Jinwright, 2010 WL 2926084, which requested a similar petition to be allowed out of jail prior to sentencing.

Arguments opposing Rankin’s release also added “The Government is painfully aware that Mr. Rankin’s criminal deeds continue to reverberate throughout the Circleville community and continue to leave innocent victims in a lurch. That is part of the reason the Government prosecuted him in the first place.”


Source Information via PACER: