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IHOP Announces its Not Closing in October Anymore


PICKAWAY – IHOP Express and Loves Truck Stop officially opened on Thursday, July 13, on State Route 23, south of Circleville near Dupont and PPG. Now the Pancake franchise is moving on.

Originally management told us will be closing the truck stop location in Loves on October 13, 2019 and the location will go into a full rebranding to Taco Johns, but they have reached out to us and said they have gotten word that they will be open until December now! So we can get pancakes a little longer! Yay!

Wyoming-based Taco John’s which got its start almost 50 years ago during Cheyenne Frontier Days is positioned well in the quick-service food industry for continued success as it prepares to celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2019, according to company president Jim Creel.

“A lot of businesses when they go from first-generation to second-generation shareholders fail,” said Creel. We’re now moving into the third generation of shareholders in our company and we’re stronger than we’ve ever been.”

Taco John’s has expanded into new markets the past few years, including New York City, and now has 11 company stores and 381 franchisee stores in 26 states. This year, Creel expects up to 13 new franchises will be added as well as more in the near future. But the pace of new franchises will slow as the company implements a new strategic plan focusing on making existing operations better.

According to Love’s they will have pizza also it will be a mix of different food truck stop delicacies.