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Humane Society Looking for Info on Burnt Kittens


WASHINGTON C.H, OH- A Fayette Regional Humane Society (FRHS) humane agent in-training responded to a Western Avenue resident last Friday, after receiving a report about an injured kitten that looked to be burned.

According to FRHS Chief Humane Agent Brad Adams, a Western Avenue citizen found the injured kitten while feeding a litter of strays. The humane agent in-training responded and brought the small orange tiger female kitten to the humane society’s clinic, where it was examined by Dr. Schrader. As recommended, the kitten was euthanized due to her severe injuries and to prevent further pain and suffering.

“When the kitten was brought in and I took her out of the pet carrier, she was shivering and meowing, her eyes appearing to be closed up from the burns. The bottom of her paws was blackened with one of them having an opened wound. I am surprised she was still alive. The images will forever stay with me”

It was noted by Dr. Lee Schrader, who is FRHS Executive Director that the kitten had “what appeared to be severe burns, mostly on the kitten’s face, paws and tail. The hair showed clipper marks with a few cuts which appeared to have been made by clippers.”

There was no evidence of the burn injuries to be caused by fire but possibly boiling water, and its fur clipped with professional clippers, according to Dr. Shrader.

The siblings to the burned kitten are now at our animal care and adoption center, where they will be ready for adoption very soon.

FRHS is asking that if anyone has any additional information involving the burned kitten, to contact them at 740-335-8126.