Home News Hocking County OH- Man Missing for Nearly a Month -Please Share-

Hocking County OH- Man Missing for Nearly a Month -Please Share-


Hocking County OH- A man has been missing for nearly a month and his family is desperately searching for answers, begging for his return. The quote below was posted to social media, in hopes that someone may know something.

“Hi my name is Jim, Or James Whitaker Jr. I’m quite a bit thinner now and am a diabetic, have a heart history and may or may not be in a safe place. I am estranged from most my family and friends and allowed two individuals into my home. I trusted them and allowed them to possibly take advantage of me. I last called my mother and have since not been heard from on July 3, 2020. I am missing, this is not a hoax, or a ploy, I am gone without a peep for three weeks, I have a missing persons report, any information regarding my disappearance please contact Hocking County Sheriff’s office directly at 740-385-2131. At the end of the day all those he thought didn’t cared does, all those he thought wouldn’t miss him do, and all his those that are praying for his safe return pray for answers and resolutions. He lost his wife to cancer so please give his family peace. Please share ❤️”