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Hardee’s in Circleville Working to Reopen, Still Has Health Code Violations


Circleville – After almost a year of being closed, Hardee’s is working to reopen the restaurant that was closed due to violations on West Main Street in Circleville.

History – In June of 2023 health department along with the Circleville fire, Police arrived at 300 West Main Street, and due to ongoing violations of both health and Fire the location was shut down for “maintenance.” When Sciotopost asked for public records and started asking questions a long list of violations were uncovered. In that list it included dirty surfaces and utensils, poor temperatures of food, and foods in the cooler that failed to be marked with proper dates for expiration. The Health Department found the presence of live insects, rodents, and other pests. Multiple flies were observed in the facility, as well as rodent droppings. That included droppings from previous inspections that still had not been cleaned up yet. Along with those violations. Several violations from the fire department ultimately caused them to close.

According to the health department, they performed a standard visit last week to ready the facility for reopening. during the visit, no food was being stored or handled at the facility and all the following violations were related to basic maintenance.

Health inspectors identified several concerning issues, including:

  • Missing or inadequate backflow prevention: This violation poses a serious risk of contaminated water entering the restaurant’s drinking water supply.
  • Lack of conveniently located handwashing sink: This is crucial for food safety, as employees need to wash their hands frequently to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria.
  • Missing thermometers in coolers: This makes it impossible to ensure food is stored at safe temperatures, increasing the risk of foodborne illness.
  • Presence of dead insects and improper cleaning: Presence of dead pests or insects. Observed dead insects in facility, including in fryer oil. Remove all dead insects from facility. Change fryer oil before reopening.
  • Leaking equipment and unclean surfaces: Equipment components are not intact, tight or properly adjusted. Charbroiler is leaking a dark brown liquid. PIC does not know where the leak is coming from. Fix charbroiler so that it does not leak onto table.
  • Mold-like substance and dirt buildup: This indicates a lack of proper cleaning and maintenance, creating unsanitary conditions.
  • Missing and damaged crown molding: This poses a potential safety hazard and makes cleaning more difficult.
  • Leaking ceiling and hot water tank: These leaks can damage the building and create unsanitary conditions.
  •  Specifications for replacing equipment and facilities in existing facilities Existing physical facilities and equipment constitute a public health hazard. Install a handsink at the front counter so that food employees have convenient access to a handsink. Facility has 30 days to install a handsink.

The health department has ordered the restaurant to address all violations and complete a thorough cleaning before reopening. This includes installing a handwashing sink, repairing leaks, replacing damaged equipment, and thoroughly cleaning all surfaces.

The restaurant has 30 days to comply with the health department’s orders. It is currently closed to the public and will remain so until the violations are addressed, but owners are working to reopen, we will update you with information when the location is reopened.

Consumers are advised to check with the health department or the restaurant directly before visiting to ensure it has been re-inspected and passed.