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Greatest New Orleans Saints Of All Time


he New Orleans Saints is a fan-favorite American football team with many iconic players. Formed by David Dixon and John W. Mecom Jr. in 1966, this team has seen many noteworthy players. 

Who exactly are the greatest players of this team? From Jahiri Evans to Eric Martin, this guide tells you everything you need to know about these all-star players. When these players are on the team, the playoff chances skyrocket!

This list is not based on NFL rumors, but the genuine achievements of these fine players. 

The Greatest New Orleans Saints Of All Time

Arguably, these are the best New Orleans Saints:

  1. Drew Brees

Many consider Drew Brees to be the top player in the history of the New Orleans Saints. This premier quarterback first joined the team in 2006 after a brief stint in the San Diego Chargers. 

After joining this team, Brees soon became a record-breaking player. In the 2009 NFL season, the New Orleans Saints became the NFC Champions after beating the Indianapolis Colts. With an impressive score of 31-17 to the Saints, Drew Brees was awarded the MVP of this game.

Brees stayed on the team until 2020. During his tenure on the team, Brees had an impressive record. He is one of the best NFL career passing completion leaders. 

  1. Rickey Jackson

As a player during the 1980s and 90s, Rickey Jackson was a member of the Saints when they were considered the most threatening. Jackson was a superb linebacker for the team. Alongside other linebackers, such as Sam Mills, Jackson is part of the reason why the Saints developed such a strong reputation.

By the time he finished his tenure as a Saint in 1993, Jackson was the player who participated in the most games. He participated in a massive 195 games. He broke records for the most sacks and fumbles recovered.

  1. Cameron Jordan

Cameron Jordan played an important role in the defensive end of the Saints. Jordan first became a Saint in 2011 and rapidly became a crucial part of the team’s defense. With an impressive record of 67 tackles in 2012, Jordan is known for his terrific tackles. 

He is a seven times Pro Bowler and an All Pro 3 times. Jordan’s magnificent record speaks for itself.

  1. Jahri Evans

Up next, Jahri Evans was first drafted into the Saints in 2006 and remained with the team until 2016. As a guard, Jahiri Evans helped the team achieve victory in 2009. 

In fact, many people consider Evans to be the top guard in NFL history. In 2010, he became the highest-paid guard in the history of the NFL thanks to his sensational skill level. With a contract that was worth $56 million, Evans was worth every penny.

Jahri Evans was voted as a First-Time All-Pro 4 times.

  1. Marques Colton

Between 2006 and 2015, Marques Colton was a leading wide receiver for the saints. Colton joined as an unknown player, but he soon made a reputation for himself. 

The Saints are known for their fantastic wide receivers, so it’s even more impressive than Colton manages to stand out from the crowd. He has broken many of the records for this position. For instance, Colton has received the most touchdowns and yards.

  1. Eric Martin

Colton is not the only noteworthy wide receiver for the Saints. Eric Marti is another wonderful wide receiver, who played for the team from 1985 to 1994, lasting for 10 seasons.

Many of Martin’s records were broken by the aforementioned Marques Colton. Nonetheless, Martin remains a skilled wide receiver. For instance, he is the player with the second highest number of receptions in the history of the Saints.

  1. Archie Manning

Recruited by the Saints in 1971, Archie Manning is considered one of their most recognizable players. He played for 11 seasons, ending his tenure in 1982.

Manning was inducted into the New Orleans Saints Hall of Fame in 1988, an award that was well deserved. Additionally, he was inducted into the Ring of Honor in 2013.

  1. Pat Swilling

As an NFL player, Pat Swilling has played for multiple teams, including the Oakland Raiders and Detroit Lions. As a Saint, Swilling was a fantastic linebacker. He was part of a linebacker team that is considered one of the best in NFL history.

Though he only remained for a short time, Swilling left a lasting impact on the Saints. In 1991, he won the award for NFL Defensive Player of the Year.

  1. Alvin Kamara

Our final pick is Alvin Kamara. This running back is one of the newer players in the Saints, having first been drafted in 2017.

Kamara quickly began breaking records. For instance, in 2020 he became the second person to achieve six rushing touchdowns in just one game. Moreover, he has been a Pro Bowler five times.

The chances are that Kamara will continue to break records in his NFL career.

Final Thoughts

As one of the most popular teams in the NFL, the New Orleans Saints is a team with numerous iconic players. From Drew Brees to Pat Swilling, these players have amazing records that make them stand apart from other Saints.